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Hi, I am honored that you are here reading my about page:) 

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Katerina Gasset - Certified Digital Marketing Funnel Expert

It has been a blast to design the 30 Day SEO Challenge for you. I hope you find a lot of value in this awesome challenge. This challenge is made with your busy business in mind. 

Most of the steps I will be giving you to do each day for 30 days take 5 minutes to do. There are some towards the end of the challenge that will take up to 20 minutes, it depends on how much you have to do on your website.

My story in SEO and internet marketing starts back in 2005 after we got really ripped off by companies professing to do SEO work for us.

I started blogging in 2006 and decided that I would take Zig Ziglar up on his advice: ​

If you want to be an expert study one hour a day for 5 years and you will know more than most people who are experts in that field.  ( paraphrased from Zig Ziglar) 

I did not have 5 years! I did the math and started to study SEO, online branding, internet marketing... starting at 8 p.m. each evening until after 2 a.m. 6 nights a week.  After applying the strategies I learned and seeing it work  I was ready to take on the competitors on page one on Google. 

I totally dominated the SERPS ( Search engine results pages) in my niche and went on to make over 6 figures in 2007 using the systems that I learned, applied, tweaked and then developed. The steps I developed have helped dozens of other business owners like real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers and stagers, dentists and chiropractors, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs . 

Blogging was the number one marketing strategy I started using in 2007 along with my SEO steps. Soon people were asking me how I was able to dominate online. I started blogging about it, helping others, paying it forward. Then I was being asked to speak on webinars, at events and eventually became a keynote speaker.  This is when I figured out that I should put together a course to teach my SEO steps.  That is how my very first course was born: SEO To The Top.  The results my students got were amazing as well!

Soon after I started coaching and consulting which inspired me to create some more online courses like Fast Track SEO and Listing Experts Academy.  I never stop learning. One thing about SEO that is certain is, it is always changing. Staying on top of this all take hours per week. I also became a Certified Digital Marketing Funnel Expert and currently am studying to be a LeadPages Certified Conversion Expert. 

I have a gift of being able to take complicated topics and turn them into bite size pieces easy for you to understand and apply.  I am inviting you to join our Free 30 Day SEO Challenge. Join here! 

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